Content Creators FAQs

How do I sign-up as a Creator on LoCo+?

Set up a profile and submit content here.  

Already signed up as a Creator? -  Log in here to your Creator Studio.

Why is local part of the platform?

The local in LoCo+ provides you a home base advantage to grow your audience, alongside building community with other local creators. You will have to choose one city and state in the signup, but this won’t keep you from being discovered by audiences and fans outside your local market. The platform also allows for discoverability by genre and likeness. 

How do I get my content on LoCo+?

Once you've set up a profile, you will upload content to your channel in the Creator Studio. Content must meet technical requirements (explained below) and LoCo+ Community Guidelines,

What type of content does LoCo+ accept?

We accept films, series, and videos covering music, comedy, sports/esports, fitness, lifestyle, business, learning, and scripted entertainment.

What type of content does LoCo+ not accept?

We do not accept unfinished content, poor sound or picture quality, unboxing videos, marketing videos, social media branded content, and adult entertainment.

 What are the video technical requirements?

  • HD Quality Video - A high-definition video is a high-quality video that looks sharp and clear on most screens. Ideally content is 1080p quality. 
  • High-Quality Post Production - Content should have a finished produced look with the following at high-quality standards:
    • Sound Mix - Music and voiceovers are mixed properly, and sound is at the correct level for optimal viewing.
    • Professional graphics, and logos.
  • Rights and Clearances- The Creator takes full responsibility for the content on their channel, including the clearance of all rights for commercial use.
    • All music rights are cleared or original.
    • All talent rights are cleared.

Do you have to pay to be a Creator?

Creators do not pay any upfront fees to be on our platform.

How do Creators make money?

Creator Channel Tip Jars-  Every Creator can set up on day one with their Paypal or CashApp account. 100% of revenue goes to the Creator.

Monetization Tools- (Coming Soon!) In the coming weeks, we will begin rolling out various monetization tools for creators to activate. These include paywalls, ticketing, merchandise, and NFTs.

Creators take home 80% of their earnings through these tools. LoCo+ receives a 20% service fee which includes any transactional fees. 

What are Creator Townhalls?

On the first Tuesday of every month, LoCo+ hosts Creator Townhalls on Zoom. These are open to onboarded LoCo+ Creators to openly discuss platform upgrades, share creator stories and share best practices as a community. It is also a time to provide feedback directly to the LoCo+ team. 

If I’m not a LoCo+ Creator yet, or I’m still deciding if it's right for me, can I attend Creator Townhalls?

No, but you can attend our monthly LoCo Curious Open Houses on Zoom on the last Tuesday of every month. To get the invite, please email creator@locoplus.netowork

How do I get my content back if I no longer want to be on LoCo+? 

On LoCo+, you control your creative journey. This means you can take down your content at any time without penalty.  

What are the details of the Creator Terms?  Including payouts?

Creator Channel / Content Creator Channel provides non-exclusive or exclusive content distribution on the LoCo+ platform. Creator agrees to publish content that meets our technical standards and Community Guidelines. There are no upfront fees for Creators to stream content.
Intellectual Property Ownership Creator retains ownership of IP / brand / content during distribution with LoCo+ and in perpetuity.
Distribution Term At will. LoCo+ and the Creator have the right to remove the Creator channel and content anytime.
Monetization Tool Revenue  Creators will receive 80% of monetization tool revenue. Credit card transaction fees will be paid by LoCo+.
Minimum / Maximum for Paywalls The minimum amount for a Creator to charge for a single piece of content or bundle of content (Series) is $3.00, with the maximum amount of $25.00. All sales are final and the customer has unlimited viewing of the content.  
Payout Schedule Creator revenue payouts will occur on a monthly basis during the first two weeks of each month.  Creator will need to provide LoCo+ their banking information for direct deposits. 
Creator Tip Jars LoCo+ does not take a fee from the Creator Tip Jar. Tip Jars are directly connected to the Creator’s personal 3rd party accounts (Paypal or CashApp).
Data LoCo+ will not share or sell any Creator or customer data. Creators will have access to their followers’ information and can directly market and communicate directly to their followers. 
Content Clearances  Creator takes responsibility for the content on their channel, including the clearance of all rights for commercial use. All music rights are cleared or original. All talent rights are cleared. 
Creator Support
  • Best effort to attract Creator’s existing audience to the LoCo+ platform, utilizing social media and fandom as outreach tactics.                                                                                             
  • Open to collaboration with brand/advertising partnerships.                            
  • Best effort to utilize LoCo+ monetization tools to earn from fans and build a stronger local audience.                                                                                     
  • Best effort to attend LoCo+ Creator Meetups (Zoom/ IG Lives), local events (physical), and general support to grow the platform.           
  • Permission for LoCo+ to use brand assets (video and photography) for marketing and promotion.
LoCo+ Support
  • Provide platform for hosting and monetization tools for Creators to earn revenue.
  • Network support from LoCo+ including paid, earned, and owned marketing support. 
  • Data and performance transparency to Creator.
  • LoCo+ Creator Services support and education, including monthly Creator Townhalls.
  • Provide resources, vendors, and discount opportunities to creators. 
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